Day 8: Water Supply Finishing.

Today in Muharram Day Eight: Water Supply Finishing in the Camp of Imam Husain (a.s). The loyalty of Imam Husain’s companions.

Day 6: Commencing of the First Siege.

Today in Muharram Day Six: Commencing of the First Siege. Interaction between Imam Husain (a.s.) and Umar ibn Sa’d. Passing away of al-Sharif al-Radhi.

Day4: ʿUbaydallah ibn Zīyād Delivering his Sermon in Kufah

On this day, the 4th of Muharram, 61AH, ʿUbaydallāh ibn Zīyād delivered his sermon in Kufah, encouraging people to join the army to kill Imām Ḥusain (a.s.). Also, on this day the not-so-famous Safeer of Imām Ḥusain (a.s.), Qays ibn Musahhar was martyred while fulfilling his duty of delivering a letter from the Imām.

Day1: Why don’t we celebrate the new Lunar year?

Some might ask, if Muharram is the first month in the Islamic lunar calendar, why don’t we celebrate the new year. In Western Society, they celebrate New Years Eve. Persians, Afghans and other nationalities celebrate Nawrooz, so why don’t we celebrate First of Muharram. As Muslims, we know that we should be more inclined to […]