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Death of Ziyad ibn Abih

Today in Ramadhan (4) – Death of Ziyad ibn Abih.

Islamic history has witnessed some colorful people who, at some point, changed the course of their life and had an evil end. This clip gives a brief description on one of these figures who died on such a day.

Today in Ramadhan (2) – Reciting the holy Quran

We all know that there is a special bond and connection between the Qur’an and the month of Ramadan, as this holy book was descended on this very month. This short clip gives you some guidelines on the recitation of the Qur’an during the month of Ramadan.
Today In Ramadhan


During the blessed month of #Ramadan, we will be sharing daily short clips presented by Sheikh Zaid Alsalami, on various historical events that have occurred throughout the holy month of Ramadhan. #TodayInRamadhan #Ramadan2020
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What is the event of Arbaeen?

What is the reason behind visiting Imam Hussain’s shrine on the day of Arbaeen? What is it that drives all these people to traverse all these distances and participate in this mass pilgrimage?
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Our Negligence of the Heart of Islam

Ever since the Israeli Regime invaded Palestine and occupied this country, the Palestinian people have been suffering from the consequences of this illegal occupation. Unfortunately, we Muslims did not carry out our duty to repel the invasion of our enemies, and this has given them the audacity to interfere in the affairs of the Muslim […]
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The Qur’an; the Only Cure for the Disease of Humiliation

Today, the Islamic Nation is suffering from a severe disease which is humiliation. The Islamic countries have fallen apart and some of them are afflicted with faithless rulers whose only aim seems to be serving western powers. the cure for these sufferings is for us all to gather around and benefit from the guidance of […]
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Inspirations from Imam al-Hussain (as)

Today, we, as human beings, are faced with immense challenges; the challenge of misconceptions and doubts being posed on a daily basis through media and social networks, and above all, the challenge of terrorism that threatens the lives of innocent people. In this lecture, Sayed Modarresi discusses the ways we can get inspired by Imam […]