Death of Ziyad ibn Abih

Today in Ramadhan (4) – Death of Ziyad ibn Abih.

Islamic history has witnessed some colorful people who, at some point, changed the course of their life and had an evil end. This clip gives a brief description on one of these figures who died on such a day.

Today in Ramadhan (2) – Reciting the holy Quran

We all know that there is a special bond and connection between the Qur’an and the month of Ramadan, as this holy book was descended on this very month. This short clip gives you some guidelines on the recitation of the Qur’an during the month of Ramadan.
Today In Ramadhan


During the blessed month of #Ramadan, we will be sharing daily short clips presented by Sheikh Zaid Alsalami, on various historical events that have occurred throughout the holy month of Ramadhan. #TodayInRamadhan #Ramadan2020
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You won’t See the Next 25 Years!

“You will not survive long enough to see the next 25 years”. This is one of the most famous statements of Ayatullah Khamene’i about the occupant Regime of Israel who has been oppressing and taking innocent lives of Palestinians for decades. This [statement] gives both courage [especially to Palestinians] and obligations to all Muslims to […]
The consequences of one’s deeds

Being abandoned by one’s relatives

The content of this short clip is about the significance of honoring and having close relation with one’s relatives and near ones, and that if one gets abandoned by his near ones, he will be honored and respected by others.