Four Reprehensible Factors

“Whosoever avoids these four traits – whether an individual or a group of authorities – will never experience any unpleasant thing:
1. Hastiness, when one makes a decision or performs something without care and deliberation. (hastiness is, of course, different from being quick.)
2. Obstinacy, or unjust emphasis on something, which is one of the dangerous traits. Someone is not willing to give up something because he has said so and so, even if he is proved to be wrong.
3. Pride and self-admiration, wherein he does not see his faults and weaknesses or he may aggrandize his good features.
4. Laziness and inaction, which includes procrastination and delay.
I, because of my experiences for long years, have found that the above hadith of Imam Ali is a great word of wisdom and all of harms afflicting the society have been resulted from the above traits. May God save us from those traits!

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