Guidance and Consultation

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This [hadith] shows the importance of giving compassionate and good consultation. One who guides others to do a good deed is the same as the one who does it himself. That is, the same amount of divine reward and requital and blessing that are granted to the doer of the good deed are also granted to the one who has guided him to it. This shows how important and valuable your consultation or guidance of a responsible man to do a good deed is before God. We must not underestimate this. If this method is institutionalized in the society, there would rise many good trends among people. If there is a good deed that you can do it, you will do it yourself. But if you cannot do it yourself, or you do not have the legal position to do it, or you lack the legal authority to do it, you may guide a responsible person, a vizier for instance, to do it. You may scrutinize, contemplate, search for the problems and guide authorities to solve them. It is as important as doing that good deed. As a rule, the opposite state is also true. Of course, it has not been mentioned in this hadith. It may be understood from other traditions. If you guide someone to do an evil, a vicious deed, a harmful action, this is of the same type. You see some who do this with worldly and vicious purposes.


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