The value of knowledge and denunciation of invidiousness and niggardliness

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“The most valuable person is the one with more knowledge.
Here, Imam states the importance of knowledge. This is, however, not to ignore the value of piety, practice, and the like. Suppose the equality of persons in piety, practice and good character! In that case, he who is more knowledgeable is more valuable.
[The least valuable person is the one with the least knowledge] No statement is so clear in stating the value of knowledge. This is Islam’s view. Islam likes a knowledgeable society. Islam, Islamic precepts and Islamic regime have always attempted to educate knowledgeable persons and scholars.
[Among people, an invidious one enjoys the least.] Such a person does not enjoy himself due to his invidiousness. There is a termite inside him that eats and destroys the pillars of his enjoyment and comfort. This is no one’s fault. It is up to him. One must fight the invidiousness inside himself.
[Among people, a parsimonious one enjoys the least comfort.] One who has some properties but is parsimonious is so associated with his properties that he is in worry and trouble all the time, lest it is reduced, it is taken away, it is wasted; he has no comfort at all.

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